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I'm from Portland, Oregon, and I have been following your blog for some time now. I love you writing and your photos. I would like to know what kind of camera you use most of the time. The colors in your photos are quite muted and almost unreal. I really like the look. Hope you don't mind sharing.

A friend of mine in college brought me leaves that he had cut into shapes once... it was so charming, but not nearly as intricate and beautiful as these!

These are beautiful! What a conversation piece it would be to have one of these framed!

Wow. That is so cool!

um, totally loving these. i would put them in wax paper and iron them!


wow, I've never seen anything like that!

Ooh! That top set is from my wedding- those are my bridesmaids' silhouettes :)


My husband does artwork using leaves and other things from nature. this reminds of his studio. Very nice!

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