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Holy moly. As soon as I'm feeling better, I'm making pizza. :)

Pineapple, mozzerella and mushrooms. Now I want homemade pizza! I love to make the dough base in my Panasonic bread machine.

i'm a big fan of chicken (pulled from a HOT already roasted one at the grocery, olive oil, red grapes and rosemary. i cheat and use the thin boboli. mmmmmmm!

These pizzas look fantastic! I make pizzas in a baking stone on the grill. I throw garlic, prociutto, fresh mozerella, and fresh basil. Simple and good.

Oh, yummy! I have to admit to a deep love of the sublimely simple Margherita. Last summer, though, we had a pizza at Tastebud that was extraordinary: mascarpone, peaches, and prosciutto topped with a sprinkle of fresh arugula. This week we're gonna visit Delancy's, up in Seattle, so it's possible I could come home with a new favorite...

the pizza in that first photo looks amazing! i really love a pesto pizza with sliced tomatoes + feta.

parmesan and ruccola:)

Such tasty photos!
Thin crust is a must and most of these pies apply. :) I like ricotta, fresh arugula and a drizzle of olive oil across the whole lot.

these look amazing... making pizza for lunch due to inspiration. finally found the best recipe for dough!!

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