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sad to hear your moving but it also sounds like such an exciting adventure! hope things work out for you guys! austin sounds like a fun place to live and a great place to photograph.

i love jesse dayton! he's from austin, you could see him all the time :)

We were just in Austin during SXSW. There are loads of good places to eat. Bouldin Creek has the best lemonade I've ever tasted by far. Oh, and we went to The Natural Gardener for the first time this year--it's pretty great. They have a nice selection of plants and seeds and all kinds of garden amendments and organic pest controls. And they have mini donkeys!

it was high on our list too... looks like it's not in our cards, but i hope it's in yours!

Austin is amazing! Some of the best food I've ever had is in Texas!

keeping my fingers crossed for you both -- how very exciting! i have always heard nothing but good things about austin and i hope it works out :)!

Ah! What crazy news, man, I wish I were able to meet up with everyone on friday and get the scoop!

Oh, I hope you do come to Austin! I am completely smitten with my little city... we've got lots of great food, live music, film festivals, swimming holes... and a couple of great camera shops. It does get very hot here in the summers though... be warned!

Do let us know if you plan a visit, I'm happy help with specific suggestions for hotels/eats/shows. I also have lots of photos of Austin eats on my blog that you can peruse. :)

Abby, I was thrilled for you when I heard the news. Had we not moved to Portland a couple years ago, we'd be calling Austin home now. You'll love Uncommon Objects on South Congress, along with Jo's Coffee (where that last shot you posted was taken). An our or so out of town is the best bbq I've ever eaten. Ever. And I've eaten a ton of bbq. You'll find it at Kreuz Market, and I promise you'll have a good time there. Austin is one of my favorite cities in the world, and I'm a tad bit jealous - but mostly so, so excited for you.

these images make me SO excited for summer. can't wait to hear more about Austin once you've settled in! it's high on our list of places to visit/live in someday.

We moved away from Austin (to Manhattan) five years ago, but I am a true Texas girl! Austin is a fabulous place to live, and if you get to move there I'm sure you'll love it. Here is too much information:

Go to South Congress and South Lamar for shopping. Some of my faves on S. Congress are Blackmail and Vivid (which are connected), Creatures, and Crofts. While you're there, make sure you get some Amy's Ice Cream (you won't regret it), and have lunch/dinner at Guero's (an Austin classic and Bill Clinton's favorite restaurant there).

I hope you like Tex-Mex and BBQ, because Austin has some of the best. For Tex-Mex, try El Chile, Chuy's (get the Tres Leches for dessert), and Hula Hut. Also, make sure that you get breakfast tacos from Taco Express (on South Lamar) at least once. For BBQ, definitely make it out to Salt Lick (it's BYOB and a ways out of town, but lots of fun). For in town BBQ eat at Ruby's or Rudy's.

Also, make sure you catch a movie and dinner at Alamo Drafthouse -- try to catch a Mr. Sinus Theatre show if you can.

As soon as you get there, pick up the Austin Chronicle (it's free), which everything going on in town that week.

If you like art, check out the Blanton Museum at the University of Texas, and the Jones Center for Contemporary Art. Also, for fun you might want to check out the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum near the capitol.

Feel free to email me if you have any other questions or want more suggestions!

You must go to Tamale House at Airport and 51st for breakfast tacos. Best salsa in town. And then drive out west to Hamilton's Pool and go swimming (but make sure to call this number and make sure it's open (512-264-2740)). Hope you have a blast!

oooh so jealous! LOVE austin...hubby and I went to college there.

Gueros is the best (the 3rd photo in your post), swimming at Barton Springs, hanging out in zilker park, eat outside at shady grove, sangria at the hotel san jose, by george, bows and arrows, spartan, kick pleat...

so much goodness!

Definitely need to hit up So Co (South Congress), the shops are whimsical and cute! Yelp always has good suggestions, and never fear eating from trailers. Some good ones are Gourdough's, Hey Cupcake!, and Chi'lantro. I also heard The Mighty Cone and Flip Happy Crepes are pretty good! And for cheap, delicious BBQ, definitely Rudy's. What else? Mozart's is a great place for coffee and dessert on Lake Austin, and make sure to take a dip in Barton Springs in the summer, so cold and refreshing! Also love the photos on your blog (:

If you ever decide to move again in Austin, also try agentpronto.com/austin ^^

Hope your move is smooth and safe!

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