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love these images, they put me in a calm mood. I need to see that movie!

Oh, this is coming up on my Netflix queue - I can't wait to see it. From what I hear it's a shame it didn't get more award nominations.

This was so cool to see, LOVED the movie, it made me want to work on my hand stitching.

Wow. These are beautiful images. Thank you.


Oh I just loved this film , what a visual feast, the costumes were just amazing and I do have a soft spot for Abbie Cornish being a fellow Australian. Really lovely post,Keep up the great work

wow, that site is quite a find!

i love the anthropologist site. the father-daughter photo collaboration on it is amazing, as well. haven't seen bright star yet....i'll have to change that!

i watched bright star two weeks ago and it has been stuck in my mind ever since. thanks for the link, i am so going to check it out!

I received a copy from Netflix late yesterday. I've never seen the movie before and this post really makes me want to abandon today's tasks and watch it right now, but I can't.

Lovely Day to You

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