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PEACOCK is soooo pretty...love it.
GREAT finds as always Abby!
Have a great day.

i love liberty of london fabrics. i have some, but find it hard to cut them up. i love those dresses. enjoy your weekend!

so pretty!!

Yes, beautiful prints. And I laughed at your comment about the head things - I even made a couple that I thought I could sell on etsy. They're cute sitting on my dresser but look ridiculous when put on a person's head.

HA! I am sooo with you on the head things--love the idea, almost impossible to wear.

these are so cute! i love liberty! i just got bridesmaid dresses for my wedding and they are liberty too!

I am so in love with tiny retro florals right now. Those are so great. I love the necklines.

wahh, those are so pretty!!!

If you can include my nominees and link to my blog--great! Feel better!

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