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So, SO lovely. Thank you for sharing, Abby!

awesome! my mom lived in paris in 1969. i should get out her old photos and scan them in.

These are so beautiful and make me want to go back so desperately. Thanks for sharing these.

Paris has been on mind this week and these photos are continuing my January love affair with the city. Thanks!

thank you for your all things french, lovely pics and lovely feelings of wanting to be there again. merci ♥

my summer in paris was one of the best in my life! i think it must have some gravitational pull on people's souls though. i long to go back as well...

wow! how wonderful!

oh these are totally fantastic. I can't wait to bring my two young daughters to Paris for the first time!

Thanks for the nice comments.
It was a very special time in my life.
At age 47 I had April in Paris... but that July in Paris at age 17 was much more fun!

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