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:D I actually love old stuff for this reason. There's so much stories that it holds!

oh, i love this stuff. could pore over old family photos all day long.

i have stacks of these old family photos, and often think the same thing: would we have been good friends, would we have liked one another? i never tire of these types of snapshots, could look at them all day getting lost in the stories i make up for them. these are beautiful, thanks for sharing, abby!

these are wonderful and remind me of this fabulous suitcase I saw at the Alameda Antiques Fair a few weeks ago.
It was hard not to buy the whole thing, there are so many stories in old photos...

I just added our own cowboy photo of Oscar Carpenter, Dora's brother.

The last planning session, held in Nov. 2007, took place at the La Grange Country Club.

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