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Beautiful photos. And, my mouth is literally salivating now. I think I'll dig around the kitchen for a bit. I'm inspired.

Oh, I think that what are you talking about here is maybe not so la cuisine francaise as la cuisine mediterranéenne: basic, fresh ingredients like ham, tomato, olive oil, good bread... At least, I've seen all these in France, Italy and where I live, Spain. Sooooo good! Off to the kitchen :) Love, Abby!

When my friends and I traveled around Paris we were on a serious budget, we kind of had no choice but to buy basic foods, so we'd go to a market and literally buy a huge loaf of bread, fruit and cheese, oh and wine :)

Some of the best meals I've ever had.

lovely, lovely photos. they are all gorgeous, but i particularly like the colours in the last one.

my fondest memories of french food are of last summer's many tomato salads, just with some red onion or shallots, olive oil and a little vinegar, eaten in the south of france. we had a summer kitchen there. and ate that salad every single day...

Oh sigh. My favorite memories of France were the ones with my best friends, camping our way through the country side, so poor, eating bread and chocolate. I've had amazing meals since then on a big corporate expense account but nothing beats those chocolate sandwiches and the occasional peach carefully selected from the outdoor market. This will get me daydreaming today for sure. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.

My favorite meals were the ones eaten in French homes -- such a window into another life. Fond, fond memories.

I'm mostly in love with the bread. Hot croissants with a bit of chocolate bar tucked inside or a crusty baguette with perfect butter, radishes, and salt. I also really love ham, brie, and butter on a baguette. The simplicity really does make the food!

What beautiful photos! They conjure the most wonderful taste memories. I've only been to Paris once but it's the sort of thing that you never forget.

I think you'd enjoy Lunch in Paris, a soon-to-be-released memoir of an American woman falling in love with a French man and French food....


Oh, paté de campagne ... I love that too, with petites cornichons on a crusty baguette.

Also pain des amandes, kind of croissant with almond filling and dusted with lots of icing sugar that will leave sinful traces all around your mouth :-)

Something I always eat when in Paris is moules mariniere, steamed mussels, served with pommes frites and a glass of white wine (although it is originally a Belgian dish).

And french dairies with too much fruit sugars - especially fond of any yogurt with abricot or passionfruit.

Mhh, I want to go to Paris right now - Yummi.

wow awesome man i love it. cool

If you can include my nominees and link to my blog--great! Feel better!

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