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right now, a breakfast sandwich makes me crazy! croissant+egg+sausage/bacon/ham+cheese+ketchup. It's my guilty pleasure.

omg, i'm drooling over these pictures. how yummy! my favorite right now is any type of grilled cheese...hmmm, i think i just figured out what we're having for dinner tonight!

holy crap... thank you for posting this!! it's in my hood and looks perfect for lunch.

Oh my, this just made me soooo hungry! Looks DELICIOUS!

I love sandwiches, too! I was in France once for the Cannes film fest and remember freaking out over how a simple sandwich of cheese, tomato, and a thin slice of some cured meat or another could move me to silence. Was it the bread or the tomato or the cheese?

i'm also a huge fan of sandwiches, abandoned places, simple foods, and um, pretty much everything else I've read on your blog so far. it's lovely, thanks for sharing...

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