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These are really beautiful copies of the classics. Go Penguin Classics!


OH, I saw those books at Borders once and I couldn't stop stroking them!

Oh. Me too.
I have pictures of these on my computer as a "hint" to my boyfriend. I think they are even on sale here right now!!
I still read, at the expense of proper sleep, until the words start dancing around the page. :)

I've seen these before and absolutely love them! So cute.

There was an interview in the recent Frankie magazine with the designer of those covers (can't recall the name just now...)

these are the kind of books you don't mind packing and moving from house to house because they're so pretty, you want to hold onto them. Abby, I'm so like you. I think I wear contacts today because I used to read insatiably when I was younger. And then suddenly when I got thrown into the workforce after college, my reading teetered off to snippets of time here and there I normally find on a subway. so sad.

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