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i love this movie - i haven't watched it in a while. might have to pick it up at the library!

Such a lovely movie. Have you seen Bright Star, the new period movie about the poet John Keats and his love affair with a sewing whiz? She wears the most intricate things, changes every scene. And the scenery's gorgeous, they are always in this flower-filled field.

This was such an excellent film, and I really enjoyed Patricia Rozema's direction. She should have gotten more high-profile opportunities to direct after this film.

This is one of my all-time favorite films. I know it doesn't follow the book very closely but I adore it!

My dear,
Your film posts are so wonderful! Would you like to be a contributor on our new video sharing blog, Lily & the Muse? We would be so honored to have you....


If you can include my nominees and link to my blog--great! Feel better!

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