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Beautiful photos. I've been pretty lazy this year and let the hecticness of birthdays allow me to buy cakes, but these are inspiring me to bake more of them myself.

I love pictures of cake! This is beautiful. I love the thick, drippy icing on those cupcakes, and the red dress in the background. My Mom always made delicious homemade cakes for our birthdays too...so good.

Oh wow. I'm salivating.

now you're just being mean! mmMMmmMmm red velvet cake!
xo :)

oh my, now I want cake!

lovely blog!

how sweet you are to include e's birthday cake... thank you abby :) hope you are having a rockin weekend. XO

Perfect cakes!I really love cakes.Especially those sponge cake.


If you can include my nominees and link to my blog--great! Feel better!

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