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  • I gave birth to my first child, Asa James, in September 2011. This is the place where I share our journey as a new family.

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hey abby, i hope you are coping better now. you seem to be an awesome mom to asa and settling into parenthood really well. it's been a busy time for you and james being moved half away across america and having a baby in such a short space of time is no wonder its a bit of a shock to the system. anyway, you seem like you're settling into a routine again now, since you're managing to blog and what not. and also, if things are getting you down and you just wanna vent to someone completely outside, i think my e-mail address is on this form & we already follow each other on twitter :)
first birthday's are so exciting, I loved helping at my friend's girls first birthdays they never happen again and its always amazing how different life seems a year later :)
lots of love x

just wanted to say it is great to see you are writing again! I followed you other blog before and was pregnant and had my little son ( Miller) at exactly the same time as you. ( He was born 13 sept). We seem to be going through very same things. It is amazing to be a mother, but since it is impossible to be prepared for mentally, it is also a chock. I have just started to write a blog again in the past two weeks, so exactly like you. But I am not yet ready to tell anyone about it since I might fall off the creative wagon yet again! I think almost the hardest for me is that I had so many hopes for what I was going to do one I had my little one: write a childrens book, continue blogging every day, do some voluntary work in the zoo with the baby on the back...well as I am sure you understand it all fell through, Looking back I was so naive!

Anyway, you seem like an amazing mum, good luck and ill continue follow your lovely blog now

I read your post and wished I'd wrteitn it

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