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It's not silly at all! My parents bought Peter Rabbit dishes. I don't think I ever actually used them, but I still have them and love them.

I'm hesitant to let Levi eat from porcelain plates, but I really love the baby dishes from SKT Ceramics. (I also think I had a Peter Rabbit dish set as a baby!)

ahh, i had a bunnykins set we used on special occasions :) so did my husband! we still have all the pieces--so cute.

My sister and I had plates with our names on them and pictures of animals. They were just plastic, nothing fancy, but we used them all the time and I loved them.

Yes! I did! I had beautiful Andy Pandy dishes and cups and knives and forks. In fact I'm pretty sure the cup and knife and fork are still in our kitchen now!!

Hi Abby! I think special dishes are a lovely thing to have. We had Bunnykins as kids and I still treasure mine. Also, I just saw these and thought they were very sweet: http://www.lovemae.com.au/melamine.html
Don't know if you can get them outside Australia but maybe!

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