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oh Abby, this was beautiful. brought happy tears to my eyes. xo

hello, welcome back, and congratulations!

I am now dying to hear your birth story. But no rush. Just think I might learn a lot from it.

Asa looks like a sweetie.

Wishing you the best of all, and great sleep when you do sleep.


Congratulations. It took me months to emerge from my shell, which was hugely difficult as I was finishing my MFA coursework and teaching Intermediate Poetry, but I'm glad I gloried in Maya's first small half-year of life. Now, she's all kinds of mobile, at a grand old age of ten months, and I'm publishing and whatnot again, and it feels good to open my life up again.

I suppose this is some kind of cock-eyed advice, only in that I am saying: embrace this time. Let the word "permission" permeate your being. Permit yourself to ask for a long bath. Permit yourself to spend an entire day examining the tininess of your wee one. Permit yourself to accomplish nothing more than a good nap. The world changes so much.

Congratulations. Congratulations, congratulations.

so glad
to see you here.
i hear you
the labor & birth...
hang in there
and enjoy
those quiet moments
with asa.

Yeah, those first weeks don't have a lot of puttering or stay-at-home giddiness. :) I remember being very proud of myself for being able to bend over to fill the dog's water bowl while carrying the baby at the same time. And that was my big accomplishment for the day! Once the sleep starts coming back, things get easier. You'll get there!

lovely and so true. one of the most important things giving birth taught me was to that it's alright to ask for help. it's a hard but important lesson.

during the first few weeks a family friend wisely scolded me for trying to do dishes and said, "that is NOT your job right now." it's easy to forget that for as much joy as your babe brings, taking care of another being is also a job...and a hard one.

and it's so true...having a child makes you love your spouse in an entirely different way. well said.

I totally understand this post---I am still processing as I try to write D's birth story 4 months later. The enormity of birth deserves as much time as you need with it...to heal, to deal, to celebrate, all of it. Be where you are--he is beautiful! Xo

This is my first time commenting, but I just wanted you to know you are not alone and those feelings are normal. So many people tell you how life will be so wonderful after having the baby. This is only half the truth.
I had my baby 7 months ago, very peaceful, only 5 hour labor, but the transition to motherhood was crazy! I'm just now feeling like I'm coming out from under the cloud of those first days. It wasn't PPD, just a HUGE adjustment.
I'm sure you have plenty of support (and I'm a complete stranger!), but feel free to email if you need someone to "talk" to.

Just came across your blog and wanted you to know how much this post resonates! My baby son is 4 months old today, and boy, what a ride it's been. So many things, including an unplanned c-section and not being able to breastfeed no matter WHAT I did, really threw me off my game. Toss in a little sleep deprivation and, well, you know. We count our blessings every day, but we definitely didn't realize how much work the beginning would be! I mean, how do you explain to someone why you don't even have time to shower when you can't understand it yourself?? Sigh. Before giving birth, one of my dearest friends told me to cast all my expectations aside and just survive the first three months as if I were at war. Ha. I thought she was crazy at the time, but now it allll makes sense. Moral of my story? Thank-you cards, emails and blogs can wait, the best gift for a new mom is ready-made meal, and dry shampoo is the best invention EVER.

Hang in there! It gets easier. Swear :)

Oh my gosh, I totally understand the shock that comes during the first week with trying to both care for a completely helpless little human and myself- it ended up being that my poor husband had to take the reigns for the first couple weeks while I just tried to sit so my bottom did hurt too much. And I had a perfectly wonderful natural birth story- but it still takes a toll on the body!

I don't know how your body is feeling now, but for the first five months I was worried that I would never feel like I was in my own body again. Despite my doctor saying I was healed at the 6 week postpartum checkup, I certainly didn't feel healed. I didn't feel 99% better until 6 months postpartum (and even now there are some weird pains that pop up rarely). Don't feel hopeless about those things; they do change.

Dear Sweet Abby,
We are now 16 months into my sweet Grant's life and you really must know that it does get easier and that the difficulties you faced during your labor and birth will serve a grand purpose. I know very well that a natural birth process can sometimes be as "disasterous" as one under the standard medical model of care. It doesn't mean that it was not the right choice nor that you cannot accomplish it with joyful results next time. Be gentle with yourself. Lovingly, Mel

Oh yes. I can remember all of this so clearly. And yet tomorrow, Ingrid turns 1. From my experience, it just keeps getting better. Hang in there, Abby. And congratulations again! He is just beautiful.

<3 <3 <3

hard, wonderful, amazing, diffucult stuff- all rolled into one, eh?

while i do hope you can resolve it soon, it comforts me to hear i am not the only one who had (er, has) a hard time getting over my birth experience not being what i wanted/expected. ;)

I had the same fantasies before Dylan arrived. Take heart, it gets easier - and more fun! Enjoy your soft, sweet, cuddly Asa now, 'cause in just a few short months he'll really be moving and you'll hardly be able to believe he was ever so tiny! Congrats, again, Abby.

You've impesrsed us all with that posting!

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