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Abby, you look great. :)

thanks so much for this post, abby. i know the due date is just an estimate, but i can't help hoping my little sweet potato shows up on the early side of the window. xo

Good Luck through labor and delivery, Abby! This is such a wonderful time for you and your husband. I wish you all the best.

all so true.
can't wait
to see little
and btw,
you look

Exactly- I had Olivia at 38 weeks and Zoe at 41 weeks. there is really no certainty. and my water never broke on either. I am so excited for you!

oh, and my hated one was "how do you feel?" well, I am massive and bloated. I don't know where my ankles have gone. I can't fit into my own shoes or sleep comfortably, and I'm always hot. I am awesome. But they want you to say "oh pretty good!"

Abby, what a great post!! You are so right! It's good to hear your perspective on all of this.

Great post. I felt the exact same way. I got so FRUSTRATED at how people got SO hung up on due dates. It gave them more reason to freak out if the magic number came and went. When people asked when I was due I'd say "oh...sometime in early April" things like that. I knew my exact conception date too and I don't have 28 day cycles so I ignored the date my OB gave me the first time, and the 2nd time I doctored my "LMP" date for them so they would give me a later due date and not start pressuring me for an induction if I missed it.
good luck!!!

the due date thing always puzzled me. People are totally hung up on that. It makes so much sense that it isn't always the same, I see people who are induce because they are days over their due date, chalk it up to another thing that women are not told about their bodies! So proud of you, can't wait to see your Asa.

Totally agree! You have the right outlook on due dates. I liked to joke that no one tells the baby the due date, they just come on their birthday! When asked, I told people "early November" when my due date was October 26. Patience is one of those things that pregnancy helps teach you in preparation for motherhood. Asa is a lucky little guy to have a mom like you : ).

couldn't have said it better myself.

i opted for the same with my *ahem* weekly violations. and even with number 4, they said, "this baby could come any day - be prepared." he waited to make his appearance at the end of 41 weeks. c'est la vie. you have a lifetime together, waiting another week or two or three, isn't the end of the world. so glad you know your body and are listening to your instincts - you'll be a great mom abby!

Love this photo, Abby! Thinking about you! Xo

ab, i'm so excited for you and james (and asa)! i love that picture. xoxo

Abby,I promise I wont!
I had Miss J at 41 weeks...but people were asking me at 30 weeks when was she ready to join us...she was a 9lb 12oz baby...so I looked ready to pop really early on!

HUGS and hugs for little Asa.

Due dates shmoo dates! Though my little boy was surprisingly close, just four days "late". The waiting got to me though. Mostly because I was so swollen I couldn't really leave my bed. I wanted to walk again! I hope you are one of those lucky ones who don't get too swollen. I should have savored those last days a little more when he was still cozy in my belly. He's getting so big now at fourteen months that I'm beginning to miss those days. So it's good that you are happily waiting. And nice picture. You're sporting a mighty cute silhouette. :)

oh man. I hope hope hope that your little Asa comes early and soon for you! it's so hard getting the "is there a baby yet?" comments! can't wait to see his sweet little face pop up here. do lots of walking, eat dark chocolate and have some last alone moments with James. xoxo!

amen he will come when he is good and ready. and he will continue to do that his entire life.
rest rest rest now. wishes for a smooth birth and healthy baby and momma.

i had the same mentality as you. when people asked me for my due date i simply said there was no such thing. they thought i was nuts. but i knew better. so go with your instincts. and enjoy this time with her. it is a magical experience to have her still all ours. to feel her move inside your body. it really is out of this world.

best of luck!

i've been thinking about you abby.

your first words in this post struck such a chord with me - it wasn't until i read them that i remembered. feeling shocked, after b was born - that i had thought that labor would be the end of our journey together and really. it was only just the beginning. the beautiful beautiful beginning. xo.


Cute photo! I hope all is well with you both, can't wait to see Asa!

There are so many things that we take for granted are "just the way it is" when really they are just convention. Another is that rate of dilation in labor is a gauge of normality, or that extent of dilation is a predictor of how soon the birth will occur. Another is that the mother should make only certain sounds or be confined to bed. Another is that pushing must start at 10 cm. and that she must be told how and when. And so on. Birth is really so much more simple than modern medicine makes it out to be.

Also, don't tell a pregnant lady, "You look ready to pop!" I hated that so much, and I got tired of people asking me how I felt.

There is so much freedom and contentment when you're not worrying about a due date. I love your perspective on all of this. You're going to have a great labor and delivery if you keep such a calm, welcoming spirit. It's such a beautiful time, even if it does feel like forever. The last few weeks always felt like the longest of my whole pregnancy, but when you welcome your little one to the outside world and into your arms, time can't seem to go slow enough! Cherish it! :)

enjoy this time...
and good luck on your new journey
they say having a baby changes everything...and its amazing.
be well kara

<3 i always called it a "due range"


good luck and all so true.
big hugs for your little one's arrival!


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