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  • I gave birth to my first child, Asa James, in September 2011. This is the place where I share our journey as a new family.

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this post is so sweet, Abby! You look great! Hope you are feeling good these last few weeks! Can't wait to see photos of Asa!

Asa is SUCH a great name! Good luck with the baby-having!

so soon! how exciting.
this is such a sweet post, abby. and i love that third photo of you. you look so serious!

A book themed baby shower is such a wonderful idea...I might do that for Alice's name ceremony in September! You look beautiful and I'm with you regarding the long torso thing. It made my life much easier when I was pregnant :) Take care xox

so sweet Abby!!! and I'm not sure if I told you yet, but I love the name Asa. bet he's going to be one handsome dude!

So sweet--he's coming so soon! I'm nostalgic for those waiting days already if you can believe it...I'm already nostalgic for this morning! It all goes so fast...enjoy! Xo

What a lovely post, Abby. You look BEAUTIFUL, by the way! Enjoy the last few weeks before you meet Asa. You're gonna have a great labor. Good luck!

Firstly, you look amazing! I wish I looked as good as you when I was pregnant. I love your baby shower story and ideas.

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It's like you're on a msision to save me time and money!

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