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  • I gave birth to my first child, Asa James, in September 2011. This is the place where I share our journey as a new family.

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oh abby! i have goosebumps!! this made me so happy, i wish i could hug you right now! you and james are going to be the best parents. congratulations!!!!

yay, a baby boy! aww. so happy for you, abby.

Aww so cute!! Congrats! :)

a long time ago, when i was expecting callie, a woman a little older than i said "your first? those are delicious days."
i thought it was quaint at the time.
but now i know it's spot on.

enjoy these delicious days, abby.

Congratulations, Abby!!! So exciting :o)

Yay! So excited for you. And I love that your birth center has bumper stickers! :)

I can't wait to see who this little creature is too.

Abby, you are just so dang cute!!!
Hooray for little boys!!!! The world needs more men raised by awesome mothers like you!

Boys are so much fun.
So happy for you Abby :)

oh abby, I'm so excited for you! hooray for cute baby boys :)

This is so nice! I'm so happy for you!!!
And, wow, all the fingers and toes ;)

What a sweet post. I love it. I remember that day last summer so well when we found out we'd be having a girl. I didn't feel INgrid move for another couple of weeks after that! The technician said that my placenta was in the front, making it difficult to feel her movements (because when we saw her on the monitor, she was moving all over the place!)It's funny the things you don't know or realize before you go through it all. Anyways, congratulations Abby! I'm so excited for you.

abby, this is just so sweet! you guys are going to be such awesome parents ;)!

Congratulations! what a sweet post...enjoy it all, frogs and snails and puppy dog tails...

what an exciting day!

How wonderful :)congrats Abby!

This is such a sweet post Abby. Hooray for your baby boy!

yay! congrats!


Congratulations Abby xxx

Congratulations, Abbey! I have mostly boys and they are SO much fun and so cute and sweet. Yea! Hugs to you.


hooray! now you can start looking at cute baby boy stuff to buy your little one :) i had so much fun browsing through girl stuff once i found out we were having a girl, hehe, congratulations to you!

How exciting!! Congratulations!

Congratulations, Abby! I know your little boy will bring you and your husband much happiness!

Congratulations Abby!

Oh, hooray! SO happy for you! Isn't it wonderful to be able to really start picturing your little one?

Thanks for your note about Dylan. Her first month has been incredible - makes me all the more excited for you!!! I would advise practicing doing everything with only 1 hand!

Good luck with your move... You're looking great, Mama!

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