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We like Haba and Plan toys, which we can afford. Our daughter has one Naef toy, the little worm, but if we had more cash we would definitely have more since all the kids like to play with Naef toys. Our local science museum has a hands-on section with lots of Naef toys and it is so fun to watch people of all ages play and build.

I have looked online at Nova Natural toys (no kids here yet). Anything Waldorf- or Montessori-inspired is also very appealing.

I love Haba toys. I have this one and it's awesome to play with:


It's a clutching toy, but it also makes a good spinning top. I also hold it by one of the pegs, dangle it, and twirl it around with my fingers in front of Sofia's face and she loves it.

I've told my family, "no plastic toys, please". they think I'm a little nuts but esp first time toys are going into mouths so much, it's so important to get something safe.

I'm going to add some of these goodies to my registry, love the frog!

We haven't been able to avoid plastic toys (and, frankly, I like some of them--they bring back so many memories! Plus, Henry loves them), but I do love Plan and Haba toys. I also love the Kid O blocks that we received for Henry (maybe more than he does). And lastly, Henry adored Sophie the Giraffe when he was tinier.

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