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It is a good idea. My children turned 16 and I am hoping to make them each a quilt for when they graduate. I am starting now.

LOVE Kenzie's blanket...I have saved many of our girls clothes and am thinking I may make them each a blanket with their old clothes to give them when they have their little ones(long time from now)...

AND I agree...as a mother this TWEETER should have been a little more understanding...but sometimes I think Twitter is all for the shock value to gather exposure...
for a mother to be able to feed her little one...is SUCH a tremendouse gift if you can.


I love that third one especially! It's a great combination of traditional and modern.


I made this blanket for a friend: http://www.purlbee.com/bulky-baby-blankets/

it was super easy and one of their favorite floor blankets. Our daughter uses my old floor quilt and the hand-knit wool blanket that her great grandmother knit for my husband when he was born. She also spun the yarn from wool from their sheep. Doesn't get more ridiculous than that....

So pretty! If you start making blankets for your baby, you may not be able to stop...or you'll want to make one for every baby you know ;)

Love these blankets!! My daughter actually now sleeps with the blanket that I slept with as a child. I {heart} blankies!!

i seem to be obsessed with baby blankets. we have a handful for henry that i LOVE, including a simple patchwork quilt (alternating white squares with a tiny blue floral motif) that my great grandma made me when i was a baby. the best. but i still wish i had the time/skill to sew one for henry myself!

aw. thanks abby! you look fabulous btw! so exciting...

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