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  • I gave birth to my first child, Asa James, in September 2011. This is the place where I share our journey as a new family.

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yay! the first is just so full of emotion and firsts and nerves. congratulations and best wishes on this very big journey mama..

aw, my warmest congrats on the baby blog, Abby !
it's going to be such a cozy, sweet little place of yours :)
I hope you don't mind if I stop by from time to time
Wishing you again the smoothiest & happiest pregnancy ever
take good care oxox

yay! i'm so so excited for you and james, and baby t! you both are going to be amazing parents. and i'm happy i can share along on your journey since i can't be closer :)

such a great story... "i'm totally pregnant!" :) made me laugh! abby, i look forward to following along with you throughout your pregnacy. baby t is going to have such great parents!

Nope-not gross at all about keeping the pee test-mine's almost 20 years old and I still have it in a drawer.

Wishing you the best!

Holly C.

I kept the pee stick from not just my first pregnancy, but my second as well. The offspring from those endeavors are now 9 & 6. They're stashed in a box labeled "memorabilia." Ha! If you're being gross then I guess I'm gross two times over.

CONGRATS! Are you kidding? I kept mine for a long time...and I also took about 12 to be sure :)

Oh, great story. I can't wait to hear your news, see your creations (including baby) and even go through the freak outs. Which are very normal, by the way. Congratulations again, Abby.

Congratulations! It's pretty darn fun....

ps- we really liked the Dr. Sears pregnancy book...

so excited for you! love how you told him, "i'm totally pregnant!" baby t is going to be one very lucky, very well loved baby.

I'm so excited for you! One of my dearest friends and mother of 4(!) children kept every pee stick. Her oldest kid just started high school. Enjoy the journey, every part of it is so amazing!

oh Abby I'm so excited you started this blog! you and James are going to be amazing parents. :) oxo

I love that I can totally hear you saying "totally pregnant"

happy happy happy for you two!!

Hi Abby, don't worry, I remember I kept my very first pee test also, only it's negative. I don't remember where my second pee test which is the positive one. Now I have a 13 year old teenager.

This post makes me a little sad, I'm sorry, I am so happy for you but after 13 years now, I think that my wait for my second baby is more than enough, I really want to have another one but my with what happened with my fiance's health, having a baby is like a dream I couldn't have right now. One time I talked to him about adopting one instead.

I'm sorry for telling you this. If telling you what I am currently feels is inappropriate please feel free to edit or delete it.

Thanks for your understanding.

still have my pregnancy test, so not gross at all in my opinion. congrats to you and james!

Congratulations to you both! You are BOTH going to be great parents!

I love baby blogs! The more the merrier. :) And, to add my vote, I did keep mine until it faded. But I used one of the dipping ones, without plastic around it, so it actually was a little ick.

YAY Baby T blog!!!!

Congrats Abby! It's not gross that you kept the pee test, put that thing in a shadow box and hang it on the wall :)

It is true that there are many baby blogs but there is noting wrong with that. Pregnancy is so full or everything (joy, fear, sickness, etc) so it is a way (in the case of my blog anyway) to deal with all of this...and having some fun at the same time!

I was so happy to read that you want to write about everything. I do love "shopping baby blogs" but real emotions are what I truly prefer.

And because many gross things come with pregnancy...I also kept my 2 pregnancy tests!!! And the lines are still there after many months ;)

I've been contemplating starting a baby/family type blog so that all that stuff doesn't take over my current blog. And that's exactly what you've done, Abby! Yay! Maybe I'll jump on the bandwagon, too. It's a good one to be on. :)

Abby, this is wonderful news for the two of you!
We were together for 7 years before having our first child and I, too, am so grateful for that time we had together, to solidify our own relationship before becoming parents. And I, too, saved both positive pregnancy tests. One son will turn 11 tomorrow and the other is 8, and still remember so very clearly that very first day, both times, when we found out we were going to have a baby. Thank you for bringing back again to those days.
I hope you're feeling O.K. Well, O.K. enough! Go easy on yourself.
(One of the very first times I ever used the internet was when I was pregnant, even before the local library had computers. The high school had a new portable building with computers that the public could use, too. I went there to search for homemade diaper wipe recipes!)

ABBY...loving this space!
HUGS and Congrats again.

Congratulations. It's never too early to start a baby blog. I wish I kept a journal of my pregnancy since some of the funniest things that have happened were in the first trimester.

well - now I had to come out of hiding to comment. I am loving this idea. So of course I will follow your lovely journey. I remember putting one pee test in a card to my husband and giving it to him when I found out we were pregnant with our second.
P.S. - you will be an awesome mommy.

so very cute! all exciting isn't it?

i kind of wish we kept our pee test, but i was so terrified when i found out i didn't even believe both of the home pregnancy tests that we took. it took a third blood test for me to believe it and for the tears to start rolling, haha. how exciting that you are pregnant! if we weren't moving away in april i'd ask if you and your baby would like to hang out of me and my baby :(

Yay! Congrats Abby and James!! I look forward to 'keeping in touch' via your blogs. Excited for you to be a mama!!

Hey Dawn!
Thanks so much for your comment.
Where are you moving???

i am absolutely sure that i will do a baby blog as well. i journal, photography, and document nearly everything, so it just makes sense. i look forward to reading your posts!

I am moving to California for a year and then to Georgia. I leave April 1st! It's so soon and I don't know how I'm going to travel with a baby. It's kind of scary to think about! Anyway, we're keeping our house so someday we'll be back to Texas :)

Oops. Just posted this on the wrong post- I saved mine too! It's in my son's memory book.

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